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Meet d wire, your digital bank everywhere

With the digital world we are increasingly united as one, we are closer than ever, being part of something bigger and extraordinary.

A single app to bring simplicity and total control to the palm of your hand

Join our fully digital platform for iOS and Android and experience the freedom of opening digital bank accounts around the world in minutes and free of charge.

Your digital bank account with full control and access to international financial products and services

Open an account for you and your business in a fully online and streamlined process, regardless of whether you are a resident or non-resident in the country of your choice.

By helping to simplify financial relationships across borders, we can empower people and organizations like never before.

Easiness with trust is the name of the game

Moving money across borders is often expensive, slow and obscure, reflecting a lot of complications. We are here to change that!

As trust plays a central role in financial relationships, we ensure this with transparency and strong compliance with countries’ financial authorities.

Let’s enjoy the world together, open your account soon by joining our waiting list today.